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30 ML Drencher

30 ml drencher

The 30 ML Drencher from Prodigy Instruments is made of durable plastic construction with ergonomic design.  High chemical resistant polyolefin 
cylinder.  Designed with a fast-fill valve technology for a better feel when refilling with every squeeze.  Fully adjustable dosages up to 30 ML by turning the dosage selector to the front of the o-ring on the piston to dosage line on barrel.  Features a soft 3/8” wide and 54” long silicone tubing that helps fill faster.  Convenient and attractive retail packaging.  Comes with your choice of straight cattle drench nozzle (7.5”), cattle hook drench nozzle or sheep drench nozzle.  

268320 - 30 ML Drencher with Straight Cattle Drench Nozzle (pictured)*
268330 - 30 ML Drencher with Cattle Hook Drench Nozzle *
268360 - 30 ML Drencher with Sheep Drench Nozzle *


* WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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