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Plastic Balling Guns

Plastic Balling Guns

The original plastic balling gun! Economical, reusable, semi-disposable balling guns made of durable plastic. Available in five sizes for the young to mature animal and to fit most sizes of boluses. The red balling gun is made of high-density polyethylene. The blue, white, green and black balling guns are made of low density polyethylene. Made in the USA.

257300 - BG1 Blue
257300C - BG1 Blue - 
Retail Ready
     Small Bolus (Calf/Lamb/Colt)

     Length: 13.5", Head Diameter: 0.475 Ribbed
257303 - BG2 White
257303C - BG2 White - 
Retail Ready
     Medium Bolus (Larger Calf/Sheep)

     Length: 13.5", Head Diameter: 0.570 Ribbed
257302 - BG3 Red
257302 - BG3 Red - Retail Ready
   Large Bolus (Bovine/Feedlot/Dairy)
     Length: 17", Head Diameter: 0.967 Ribless
257301 - BG4 Green
257301C - BG4 - Retail Ready
   Extra Small Bolus (Calf/Lamb/Colt)
     Length: 13.5", Head Diameter: 0.460 Ribbed
257304 - BG5 Black
257304C - BG5 - Retail Ready
Large Bolus (Large Sheep/Calves)
     Length: 13.5", Head Diameter: 0.640 Ribless


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