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Double Mist® Trigger Sprayer

1L Double Mist Orange

Super Double Action™...Sprays on both the squeeze and release!  These sprayers from Kwazar reduce the finger action giving .61 ML per squeeze and every squeeze delivers two sprays for 1.22 ML total.  Continuous output saves time and effort.  Easy to squeeze resulting in no hand fatique.  Durable spray head resists acids and disinfectants.  Nozzle can be adjusted to give a spray from a super-fine mist to a powerful jet stream for sprinkling or spraying.  Great for dairy or equine uses.  Ideal for effective application of pesticides, insecticides, liquid fertilizers, plant protection treatments, water, deodorants or detergents in greenhouses, gardens, terraces, balconies, for animal grooming, dairy uses and more.  All Double Mist® sprayers have inline filters and a balanced shape for stability.  The white Double Mist® sprayer with Viton® seal is ideal for equine uses, tougher chemicals and fly sprays. (Retail Ready)

083000 - 1/2 Liter, Orange
083010 - 1 Liter, Orange
083800 - 1/2 Liter, White with a Viton® Seal
083510 - 1 Liter, White with a Viton® Seal


UPC Numbers
083000 - 7 51374 08300 6
083800 - 7 51374 83800 2
083010 - 7 51374 08310 5
083510 - 7 51374 83510 0


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