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Stoppers and Closures

Stoppers and Closures

These serum stoppers, rubber products and closures in several sizes and configurations for a variety of uses.

Natural Rubber (Red) - A general purpose polymer intended for aqueous solutions.

558241 - 20mm Anti-Pop, Natural Rubber
558341 - 30mm Anti-Pop, Natural Rubber (1,000/Bag)
558441 - 20mm Anti-Pop, Natural Rubber (10,000/Case; 2,000/Bag)
558541 - 30mm Anti-Pop, Natural Rubber (5,000/Case; 1,000/Bag)
558251 - 20mm Anti-Pop, Natural Rubber (100/Bag) - Retail Ready
558351 - 30mm Anti-Pop, Natural Rubber (100/Bag) - Retail Ready

Sleeve Stopper
558261 - 20mm Sleeve Stopper, Natural Rubber (1,000/Bag)
558361 - 30mm Sleeve Stopper, Natural Rubber (500/Bag)
558461 - 20mm Sleeve Stopper, Natural Rubber (5,000/Case; 1,000/Bag)
558561 - 30mm Sleeve Stopper, Natural Rubber (2,000/Case; 500/Bag)
558271 - 20mm Sleeve Stopper, Natural Rubber (100/Bag) - Retail Ready
558371 - 30mm Sleeve Stopper, Natural Rubber (100/Bag) - Retail Ready
Open Top Closure
558211 - 20mm Open Top Closure, Aluminum (12,500/Case)
558311 - 30mm Open Top Closure, Aluminum (5000/Case)
558221 - 20mm Open Top Closure, Aluminum (100/Bag) - Retail Ready
558321 - 30mm Open Top Closure, Aluminum (100/Bag) - Retail Ready


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