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This fogger by Curtis Dyna-Fog® is designed for a wide range of jobs with maximum efficiency for handling petroleum-based products.  Capable of dispersing disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides.  Simple, innovative design reduces unit maintenance and will provide years of rugged, reliable performance.  Up to 18 GPH capacity.  Patented electric starting system assures greater reliability, effectiveness, fuel efficiency and ease of operation.  Equipped with an easy-to-clean stainless steel formulation filter that keeps the system free of unwanted dirt and residue.

Fuel tank capacity 0.5 gallons or 1.9 liters
Particle size 0.5-50 microns (MMD)
Length 68.3 in or 173.5 cm
Width 15 in or 38.1 cm
Height 16.8 in or 42.7 cm
Weight (empty) 41 lbs or 18.6 kg
Weight (full) 75 lbs or 34.1 kg


082425 - Blackhawk™ #2620

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