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By-Pass Manifold


The Water-Driven Pump By-Pass Manifold comes with all the parts you need for an easier by-pass installation of your Hydro Systems’ water-driven pump.

• True ¾’’ NPT plumbing fittings throughout, except for garden hose connections on hoses
• Union style non-return valve as a standard
• Twist II Clean filter option and pressure regulator option
• Connects to Chemilizer, AquaBlend and MiniDos units
• Installed valves allow maintenance of the water-driven pumps without having to turn off the main water supply
• Hoses that ensure easy and flexible connections to your water-driven pump

• Easier connection of pumps into the water system
• Reduces the number of suppliers that you need
• Reduces your purchase price of components compared to manufacturer-supplied panel solutions
• Reduces potential warranty costs associated with purchasing the wrong components independently or installing those components incorrectly

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