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This fogger by Curtis Dyna-Fog® is ideal for humidification control in greenhouses, general pest control and application of germicides and disinfectants.  The multi-range Tornado™ offers a 3-gallon tank, large formulation filter with removable screen and precision control metering valve that allows adjustable outputs from a heavy mist of 5 GPH down to low outputs for ULV range.  Can be fitted with an 18 inch (46 cm) flexible hose designed for spraying into normally inaccessible areas.  Made in the USA.

Adjustable flow rate 0-5 gallons/hr or
0-18.5 liters/hr
Particle size 5-40 Microns (MMD)
Tank capacity 3 gallons or 11.4 liters
Length 20 in or 50.8 cm
Width 6 in or 15.2 cm
Height 26 in or 66.0 cm
Weight (empty) 20 lbs or 9.1 kg

082410 -  Tornado™ #2895

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