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Hydro Xtreme

Hydro Xtreme

Maintaining a clean water supply is essential to keeping animals healthy and farms profitable. Hydro Systems has introduced two new electronic diaphragm pumps that meet the needs of farms using highly aggressive chemicals to improve water quality on the farm. Increasingly, farms are moving toward technologies like electronic diaphragm metering pumps to add essential yet harsher treatment chemicals to improve water quality. Hydro Xtreme pumps are better equipped to handle chemicals like sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide.

Features and Benefits
• Remote capabilities: The output volume of the pumps can be managed remotely. Therefore, chemical will not be wasted and farms can avoid over or under treatment of water.
• Greater accuracy over a longer period of time: The electronic diaphragm pumps do not use squeeze tubes, which can lose effectiveness and cause over or under treatment of water.
• Easy maintenance: The pumps are dust proof and can handle wash down duty.
• Versatility: The pumps can either be programmed manually or in conjunction with a water meter signal.
• Operates safely: Hydro Xtreme pumps can overcome high water pressure conditions and operate safely without breaking down.
• Reliability: The pumps are both water and UV resistant, and it meets IEC specification IP65.
• “Plug and Play” (Optional): You have the option to order Hydro Xtreme pre-wired to interact with a water meter resulting in reduced assembly time and eliminating incorrect assembly.
• Overall reduction in cost of ownership: A separate controller is not needed to operate the pumps and water meter system. A built-in microprocessor system control is designed into the pumps with LCD display.
• Chemical compatibility of wetted parts: Compatible with the most common chemicals used in water treatment like sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, and hydrogen peroxide.
• Recommended with the following water meters: Water meters that feature reed switches.

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