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Single Chemical Pre-Dilution Tank

Pre-Dilution Tank

Hydro Systems is proud to announce the introduction of a single chemical pre-dilution tank system. This system, featuring the Hydro Sytems
HydroMinder technology, replaces the need for off-line mixing. When handling a single chemical, it can provide ultra lean dilultions down to single digit parts per million (ppm) when used with an injector.

Features and Benefits:
• Displays open architecture capabilities and can be used with injectors that are currently installed
• Constructed out of polypropylene resulting in good overall chemical resistance to chlorine, acidifiers, etc.
• The design can be either wall mounted or placed on the ground allowing for installation versatility
• Eliminates the need to mix product off-line resulting in less errors
• Lower cost of ownership – Mix-on-demand feature results in less human monitoring and allows for only the mixing of chemicals that you need
• Simple to install – requires only pliers or channel locks, which results in less installation costs

Principal Applications:
Teat Dip Preparation and Sanitization of Water Lines

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