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Neptune Garden Pro Sprayers

Neptune EL

Professional device for the application of liquid agents that provide plants with protection from diseases, weeds or pests.  Ideal for use in all large-scale gardening and agriculture cultivations.  Convenient to use, ergonomic and user friendly.  Components are made of highly durable and chemical resistant materials.  The unique design of the sprayer and the pump unit hidden inside guarantee safety and constant pressure in the lance, necessary for jobs which require a very precise spraying system.  Standard kit includes a set of spare parts and a herbicidal nozzle.  Also available with a rechargeable battery contained under the tank to maintain pressure.

085315 - 15 Liter *
085316 - EL -15 Liter (with rechargeable battery) *


UPC Number
085315 - 7 51374 85315 9
085316 - 7 51374 85316 6

*WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


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